The France Guillain Method is a combination of universal nutritional processes, made up of the freshness we get with Yokool or D-Coolinway and from clay and sunshine, these gifts from mother nature, the keys to a naturally healthy physique. To find out more →


The Miam-Ô-Fruit is as tasty as it is beneficial, and the Miam-Ô-5 meal with its five core ingredients, can be combined in an infinite number of ways.

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France Guillain Method.

The success that this method and Yokool or D-Coolinway have enjoyed throughout the world has led to the creation of numerous websites and blogs covering these themes, and I would like first of all to thank all the people who have contributed in spreading the word about these precious secrets. However, if we would like to practice the original method, we need to go to the source, because I cannot be responsible for the information given on any site other than this one. Thank you!



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La recette du Miam-Ô-Fruit, légèrement déformée tout de…

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