BAINS DÉRIVATIFS. La fraîcheur de l’eau, ou plus facilement la Poche de gel, pour se maintenir en forme en régulant la température interne. La Méthode France Guillain est faite de la combinaison d’une alimentation intelligente et universelle (Miam-Ô-Fruit et Miam-Ô-5), de la fraîcheur du Bain dérivatif ou poche de gel, de l’argile et du soleil doux, ces cadeaux de la nature, clefs d’une bonne forme physique.

D-Coolinway with Yokool

Discreet, comfortable and efficacious, Yokool was specially designed for this particular intimate use. Refer to Le Bain dérivatif or D-CoolinWay Éditions du Rocher, and La Méthode France Guillain Editions du Rocher.

The objective

Yokool brings that indispensible freshness to the perineum. It’s absolutely abnormal for mammals to have a perineum which remains hot throughout the day. As mammals, this particular part of our body tends to be warm, especially since the 1950’s, when tights and jean’s became popular.

When and where to use it?

Everyday as much as possible.

How does it work?

D-Coolinway is a technique which consists of refreshing the perineum to help the motility of the intestines, and the fascia, membranes which all our organs and muscles are covered with.

We can practice it with Yokool or with fresh water. What we need more than anything is freshness in the perineum. This also works for people who are unable to walk.

This freshness stimulates the motility of the fascia and the intestines and helps any kind of elimination, such as bad fats.

There are many effects from D-Coolinway. It helps with people who are too fat or too thin. And it’s a considerable help in the regeneration of the organism as a whole.

The role of brown fats, made by Miam-Ô-Fruit and Miam-Ô-5.

Brown fats are indispensible for protecting us against the hot and the cold, for helping with energy levels, hormones, the production of stem cells in the adult body that help all our tissues repair. Brown fats also have two cleansing functions.

Thick fats on the other hand (yellow and white) are poor quality fats, caused by processed foods and because of insufficiently chewing our food. They are essentially found in farm animals and in people who lead unhealthy lives. They must be expelled through the action of the brown fats.

For over 100 years, thanks to the teachings of Louis Kuhne, D-Coolinway has only been considered as a means of cleansing the body. Recently 18 new functions for D-Coolinway have been discovered. They are described in La Méthode France Guillain Editions du Rocher.

Yokool is not a medicine.

Yokool cannot perform miracles, it won’t make us thinner on its own.

We have to eat Miam-Ô-Fruit and Miam-Ô-5 to make brown fats which Yokool activates.

Derivative baths, what are they?

An ancient practice which, using freshness, helps the movement, functioning and expulsion of fats. D-Coolinway is not a medicine. It’s an ancient practice. It’s used as a substitute for walking naked in a hot country, which was the original state of all human beings. Animals practice these types of baths all the time, without asking themselves questions about the seasons, the yin or yang! This technique costs absolutely nothing, and is wonderfully effective for our wellbeing.

It’s one of the four elements of France Guillain’s Method.

Practical information

We recommend you carefully read the booklet that comes with Yokool.

To find out more, see Le Bain dérivatif ou D-CoolinWay from Rocher Edition or La Méthode France Guillain Rocher Edition.